Our classic builder and trung tam tieng anh heritage renovations are carried out with the ultimate care build dienmayphatdat.vnand respect for the builders that came before us. http://www.tuixachanhbinh.com/ We combine modern building techniques for partner ao thun nhom with traditional methods to deliver old-world style with modern trung tam luyen thi ielts levels of safety ao thun si and taxi tai comfort.


Located in the relatively quiet back area of Twizel this alpine retreat sits quietly within the neighbouring shadow of the Ben Ohau range.

The simple long barn form of the dwelling sits long-side to the mountain view and is positioned to provide uninterrupted views to all the main living areas and both Master bedrooms suites that flank the main body of the house. The form of the building is simple with a long gable framed barn through the centre with mono-pitched wings to the North and South.

Throughout the design the house retains a sense of sophistication that is balanced by generous ceiling heights and a strong visual connection to the alpine landscape. The layout was created to be a testament to the local alpine vernacular; strong and simple forms, a natural, light and considered paletteĀ and seek to embrace a casual, relaxed and informal place to retreat to throughout the year.

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